HE. DOES. NOT. GET. IT. (beaute__exquise) wrote in uni_westminster,

Prospective Us Student

I'm from the states in my last year of public school and am looking for the perfect UK university to attend in the fall of 06. I've narrowed my list down to a few schools, The Uni of Westminster being one of them. I was just wondering what made you all decide on this university?

Here is a little about what I want from my future university:

Location: I want to be somewhere fun where I will never be bored but where I can also find a place to relax.

Plan of Study: I'd like to study both literature and history and I've read that Westminster is flexible and will allow you to study something along with your main course, so I'd like art or film.

That is pretty much it. If you can throw any tips or resources at me, I'd greatly appreciate it :)
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From what I gather it is pretty flexable and the location is regent st or just off oxford street so there is pretty much always something to do.
Only word of caution is that most of the events seem to be Hip Hop based which means if you're like me you'd not really enjoy the Uni organised stuff. However I prefer to just do what I want with my group of friends anyway so it's not all bad. (however most of my friends were American students who have done their semester and have gone home... damn them).
Yeah I'm not into hip hop either. Thanks for the comment :)
well if there is one thing good about Westminster University is definately the location, especially if you're at Regent campus.. you're smack dub in the middle of London with Oxford Circus train station literally a 2 minute walk away. From what I know, the course of study is pretty flexible however if you want anything done right, you have to push, shove and bitch at the undergraduate office.. that's how they work. You can pass the classes, depending which one of course, with just slacking off once you got the deadlines down. (then again I'm a professional slacker *snort snicker* so don't take my advice on that part) Note though: I'm talking from experience from the Regent campus, I don't know what the other campuses are like.

As for events... well the previous post was correct, most are hip hop based but you don't need university events to have fun - London is filled with all the events you'll need if you make the effort to look.

Anyways, good luck :)
Thanks, that comment really helped :)