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First Post!

Hi, and welcome to the University of Westminster Students' Journal. I decided to start this today as I noticed other unis have their own community, so why shouldn't we? ;)

I am especially happy today as I got a place in halls of residence - pretty much at the last minute, which was a great relief! I move in this Saturday. Looking forward to starting the second year!
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You're very lucky. I was denied halls as apparently I'm a "london student" when I tried to point out the flaw in that statment as I don't live in london they weren't having any of it.
Annywho, Hi.

Sorry took so long to answer, had a bit of a break from LJ, but am back now. Took on some very hard modules & had to beg them to let me change one - which they did - hurrah!

So what year are you in? I should be in 3rd year (Psychology) but took 6 months out when I got sick. I am retaking last half of 2nd year now & start 3rd year in February.


Oh don't worry about taking a while to reply. I had a small computer fire (teaches me never to try and build my own computer again) so I've been only been on for tiny amounts of time for the past month.

I should be in a second year I guess, but I was pretty lazy during a-levels and had to restart. I'm a first year history and politics student.
Glad to hear they allowed you to change the module.
Eek! Sounds scary - though I am still impressed that you managed to build one at all :)

As you can see this society doesn't seem to have got off to a flying start - perhaps there's just no one from our uni on LJ..?

Anyhow, feel free to add me to your friends list - it's always good to meet another alternative-type person from uni (there don't seem to be many).

Take care,

Yeah, just wish I knew how to build one well.

I was actually pretty suprised to find that there was a community for westminster on here, maybe most other people assume there isn't.

Sure, I'll add you straight away. I didn't think there were that many, probably because there doesn't seem to be a rock society or club for our uni, I wonder how you start one.

I remember seeing something about starting your own society somewhere on the SU webpage - in the bit about societies. You could always just go to the SU Office in Wells street & ask there if you wanted to start one.

Good luck!

B x